Bleeding Brakes


Brakes should be bled at least once a year.

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The following is the order in which you should bleed your brakes:

1. Right Rear

2. Left Rear

3. Right Front

4. Left Front

5. Clutch Slave Cylinder (optional)



You will need the following items: - Picture 1

- 1 Liter of Brake Fluid (Super ATE Blue or Gold)

- 4mm or 5/32" inside diameter clear tubing (Purchased at PetsMart)

- 7mm 6pt. Box end wrench

- 16oz. Plastic Cup

- 1/2 Gallon Plastic Container

- Rubber Gloves (highly recommended as brake fluid is poisonous)

- Safety Goggles (highly recommended as brake fluid is poisonous)

- (1) Helper to pump your brake pedal

Picture 1


It is suggested that you raise your e30 on jackstands for easier access to the caliper bleeder valves. Be sure to remove your wheels, and make sure your engine is off.



Step 1: 

Fill your brake fluid reservoir well above the "max" line.



Step 2: 

Carefully uncap all dust caps and clean the caliper bleeder valves. - Picture 2


Picture 2 

Step 3:

Starting at the right-rear caliper bleeder valve, place the 7mm box end wrench on the bleeder valve. Now securely place one end the clear tube over the bleeder valve, while submerging the other end in some new brake fluid.



Step 4: 

Slowly open the bleeder valve one 1/2 turn. - Picture 3


Picture 3

Step 5: 

Have your helper pump the brake pedal atleast 12 times, or about 3 times on non-ABS e30s. Have your helper continue to pump the brakes until you see all new fluid and no air bubbles. On the last pedal stroke, make sure your helper holds down the pedal. At this point, you should be tightening the caliper bleeder valve to 31 - 44 in. lb. (3.5 - 5 Nm). Your helper can now lift his or her foot up off of the brake pedal. You should have filled your plastic cup up with no more than a pint of brake fluid.

(It is not recommended to use a full brake stroke on high mileage e30s)



Step 6:

Remove the wrench, the clear hose, and carefully replace the dust cap. Take your cup with brake fluid and empty it into your plastic container.



Step 7:

Perform step 1 and steps 3 - 6 with the remaining caliper bleeder valves, in the following order:

1. Left Rear

2. Right Front

3. Left Front



Step 8:

Clean the filter in the brake fluid reservoir with new brake fluid. - Picture 4


Picture 4

Step 9:

Fill the brake fluid reservoir to above "max."



Step 10:

Locate the clutch slave cylinder, and perform the same steps you did to the caliper bleeder valves, but this time pump the clutch pedal instead of the brake pedal. - Picture 5

Picture 5

Step 11:

Refill your brake fluid reservoir to the "max" line.



Step 12:

Gently pump your clutch to regain pressure.



Step 13:

Check your brake fluid level and if needed, fill it to the "max" line.



Step 14:

Dispose of your old brake fluid accordingly.


I hope most of you find these instructions helpful. If you have any questions, or you feel that you could add to this list, then by all means post away.


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