Tie Rod Replacement


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The following parts were used in this replacement:

- (2) Tie Rods - BMW Part # 32111125186

- (2) Rubber Bots - BMW Part # 32111127104

- (4) Tension Straps - BMW Part # 32131094100

- (2) Tie Rod Self-locking Hex Nuts - BMW Part # 07129922436 (do not reuse old ones)

- (2) Securing Plates - BMW Part # 32111124540





You will need many various items/tools to complete this installation:

- Rubber Mallet

- Various Socket Wrenches with many sockets, both deep and shallow

- Adjustable Wrench

- 17mm open ended wrench

- Vise grips

- Hammer and/or tie rod puller

- Safety Goggles & Mechanix Gloves (highly recommended)

- Torque Wrench(s) - -

- Bungie Cord or Heavy Duty String (not pictured)

- Tape measure

- Cutting Pliers


I suggest you start by placing your e30 securely onto jackstands. Be sure to remove your front wheels, and make sure your engine is off.



Tie Rods Replacement Parts





Tools Needed











Once your front wheel is removed, you should see something similar to Picture 1.

In this article, we will be looking at the passenger side.

Picture 1


Step 1: 

Remove the (2) brake caliper mounting bolts found circled in Picture 1.


Step 2: 

Once you have the brake caliper mounting bolts out get a bungie cord and hang the caliper from the underbody of the car. Be careful not to put tension on the brake line.

Remove the Rotor and loosen the Splash Guard bolts.

Picture 2


Step 3:

Locate and remove the Tie Rod Self-locking Nut.

Position your Tie Rod puller over the end bolt and push out of the Strut Housing.

Picture 3


Step 4:

Locate the Protective Rubber Boot & Cut the Tension Straps.

Picture 4


Step 5: 

Slide the Protective Rubber Boot to the End of the Tie Rod.

Locate the Securing Plate & Bend it backwards to allow the Tie Rod to Screw-off the Steering Rack.

Picture 5


Step 6: 

Turn the Steering Wheel all the way to the Left, leaving some space inbetween the Tie Rod and the Rack. (see Picture 6)

Using Vise-Grips, Unscrew the Tie Rod from the Steering Rack.


Picture 6


Step 7:

Locate New Tie Rod Parts.


Picture 7


Step 8:

Take the old Tie Rod and place it side-by-side the New Tie Rod. Do the best to retain the original old Tie Rod Length into the New Tie Rod.

With the New Tie Rod adjusted, tighten down the Self-locking nut inbetween the inner and outter Tie Rod Ends.


Picture 8


Step 9:

Slide a New Protective Boot onto the New Tie Rod assembly.


Picture 9


Step 10:

Add a new Securing Plate to the New Assembly and carefully begin to thread the new Tie Rod into the Steering Rack.

Picture 10


Step 11:

Be sure to get the Securing Plate's Tab inside the Steering Rack's Slot. (top left Picture 11)

To avoid marring the Tie Rod, place a Rag under the Vide-Grips.

Tighten the Tie Rid and & bend the Securing Plate to Lock in the Tie Rod. (important step )

Picture 11


Step 12:

Slide the New Protective Boot in place.

Secure the Tension Straps over the Protective Boot.

Picture 12


Step 13:

Insert the Tie Rod End into the Strut Housing.

Tighten down the Self-locking nut to 26.5 +/- 2.5 (36.5+/- 3.5Nm)

Picture 13


Step 14:

Reinstall Splash Guard bolts, Rotor with set screw, Caliper, and

Caliper Mounting Bolts ( or 110-123Nm).



Step 15:

Repeat Steps 1-14 on the Driver Side, if necessary.




I hope most of you find these instructions helpful. If you have any questions, or you feel that you could add to this list, then by all means post away.


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