Rear Suspension Replacement - Springs & Shocks


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The following parts were used in this replacement:

- (2) Rear Ireland Engineering Stage 3 Race Springs - Part # e30rspring

- (2) Rear Bilstein Sport Shocks - Part # B36-2027


You will need many various items/tools to complete this installation:

- Various socket wrenches & sockets

- 19mm , 17mm & 13mm open ended wrenches

- Vise grips

- Cutting Pliers

- Safety Goggles & Mechanix Gloves (highly recommended)

- Torque Wrench(s)

- Jack


I suggest you start by placing your e30 securely onto jackstands. Be sure to remove your rear wheels, and make sure your engine is off.



Rear IE Stage 3 Race Spring & Bilstein Sport Shock













In this article, we will be looking mostly at the passenger side.



Step 1: 

Unbolt the exhaust hangers and let the exhaust suspend freely. This will allow your CV joints enough room for clearance during spring removal.

Picture 1


Step 2: 

Remove the differential's 19mm mounting bolt. Then, slowly lower the differential ans inch or two onto a jack.


Picture 2


Step 3:

Disconnect the speed sensor from the differential. You will be lowering the differential more in a few steps and you do not want to have the speed sensor connected while doing that.

Picture 3


Step 4:

Disconnect the rear stabilizer bar connecting link from the trailing arm.


Picture 4


Step 5: 

Remove the bolt connecting the shock to the trailing arm. Once you remove this bolt, the trailing arm will drop down a few inches. Be sure to drop the differential down some more, so you do not place added stress on your CV joints. Lowering the differential in unison with the CV joints will relieve those added stresses.

Picture 5


Step 6: 

Place your foot on the rotor and put your weight on it, while you remove the rear spring.


Picture 6


Step 7:

Move your inner trunk lining enough to give yourself access to the upper shock mounting bolts. Then, remove the upper shock mounting bolts, while holding onto the shock.


Picture 7


Step 8:

Once you remove the shock from your e30, you should have something like the upper part of Picture 8. Remove the old hardware from the old shock and reinstall them onto the new shock.


Picture 8


If your rear shock mounts look anything like that in Picture 9, then I suggest you replace them with new ones.


Picture 9


Step 9:

Installation is the opposite of removal.


Be sure to torque your items to the following:

- Shock absorber to upper mounting bracket - Bilstein recommended torque

- Lower shock mount to trailing arm - Bilstein recommended torque

- Stabilizer bar connecting link - 30 ft. lb. (42 Nm)

- Differential mounting bolt - 58-63 ft. lb. (80-87 Nm)





Once installed, your springs and shocks should look like that in Picture 10. (Driver side shown)

Picture 10


Here's a spring comparison for you.

Picture 11



I hope most of you find these instructions helpful. If you have any questions, or you feel that you could add to this list, then by all means post away.


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