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  1. All BMW Part Numbers Online - Just a Click Away
  2. suspension bushings, mounts, and other rubber bits (oh my)
  3. E30 DIY Index
  4. E30 engine information:
  5. How to change the oil pan on your M20B25/B27
  6. OEM & Aftermarket E30 Parts - Website Links
  7. What slicks to use for drag racing?
  8. Timing Belt replacement for the M20B25 engine.
  9. Haynes Manual Download in .pdf Format
  10. Post your Latest Dyno Chart and time slip!
  11. 325i vs 325e (Manifolds and T/B.)
  12. How to find out which LSD you have
  13. Which Engine to Turbo - eta, i or super eta
  14. 5 lug swap M roadster style
  15. Piping Turbo-Intercooler-Manifold Explain @ Pics
  16. How To: replace front wheel bearings
  17. New megasquirt software! Feature packed! READ!!
  18. Injector Sizes
  19. Un-Official Winter Preparation Guide :)
  20. Troubleshooting the E30
  21. E30 Buyer's Guide
  22. Mega Squirt sensors and extras
  23. Alternative fuel: Ethanol / E85
  24. The Unofficial E30/Auto Abbreviation Thread
  25. What Mods Have You Done to Your E30?
  26. The Unofficial M20B25 3.0 Liter Stroker Conversion Thread
  27. Article -> Lubrication & Maintenance: Bleeding Brakes
  28. How To: Injector Upgrade/Install
  29. headgasket gone, new record? pics
  30. Article -> Front Suspension Replacement - IE Springs
  31. Article -> Rear Suspension Replacement - IE Springs
  32. How to: Change Subframe Bushings
  33. Replacing clutch, what will I need?
  34. HID Install **Now with exterior aimed shots**
  35. Detonation And Pre-Ignition
  36. Article -> Tie Rod Replacement
  37. Official E30 WEIGHT REDUCTION thread
  38. combos that really work, a recipe thread
  39. electric fan install
  40. make a trailing arm bushing tool for under $5 in minutes
  41. Quick and painless euro headlight install
  42. Valve Stem Seal Replacement In Nine Easy Steps
  43. Shadowline Procedure Pictures
  44. My MAF Swap. Write-up included
  45. Differential Specs!!!
  46. How to take great pictures of your car.
  47. Car Alarm/Keyless Entry Writeup
  48. BMW E30 "Premium" Stereo Info
  49. Most Anorexic E30 List updated 2/25/07 WEIGH YOUR RIDE!!
  50. Entire pdf bmw tech manual . . . need help giving to u guys
  51. Wiring horn
  52. E30 Recalls and Repair Information - TSBs (version 2)
  53. How to Guide - E36 Steering Rack Swap
  54. Mini antenna write up
  55. A-pillar gaugepod installation write-up
  56. E30 original color options.. pics 56k NO NO!!! updated!!
  57. Denatured alcohol: Make your car pass emissions
  58. step by step DIY (Auto to 5spd) auto to manual swap
  59. Writeup: Common Cluster Complications Cleared Up upd 6/05/07
  60. Differential Driveshaft Seal Replacement - DIY (big pics)
  61. power sunroof conversion writeup
  62. See what a LSD looks like on the inside (56k = no)
  63. DIY: How to reupholster the rear parcel shelf
  64. How to carbonfiber e-brake handle
  65. 15 steps to a Cluster Makeover! *56k No Wai!*
  66. E30 Repair manual (pdf)
  67. Headlamp Cleaning System/Intensive Wash Installation
  68. Ebook Library , tons of BMW PDF's!
  69. The Bentley PDF <-- It's Here!
  70. BMW ARP Hardware!
  71. HOW TO: Remove a Steering wheel from a Junkyard Car