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  1. Mega squirt price breakdown
  2. Can't Hit 10 PSI after putting Airplane Fuel!
  3. Why can't hit 10 PSI?-SECOND PART! Pics....!!!!
  4. Stock fuel pump on turbo engine? (+clutch)
  5. Can I run 9psi on my 19lb injectors?
  6. Fuel Pump for TURBO setup?
  7. blow off valves arrre gggrrrrrrrrrrreat!
  8. im trying to figure out what bovs have the same flange?
  9. boost creep?
  10. BOV placement question.
  11. Megasquirt Tuning
  12. Possible VAc/Boost GM Map Sensor that I Got
  13. Blow Off Valve Thwocking?
  14. NEED HELP: Installing BEGI Fuel Press. Regulator(S/C a Jeep)
  15. reasons for bov's not working??
  16. 325i/is stock fuel and ignition maps? anyone?
  17. What Walbro Fuel Pump to get?? have a code
  18. Colder spark plugs??
  19. Can to rich hurt anything?
  20. Direct fire ignition system for turbo cars.
  21. BOV ?
  22. Need Motronic Maps/Info Anyone?
  23. Fuel pump wiring? MSnS (no motronic!) on '88 325is, help.
  24. FMU fuel tuning
  25. MSnS on '88 325is, success!
  26. need some help e30 320i m20 motronic engine
  27. CTS values, motronic pin-out, injector values. check it!
  28. fuel consumpion
  29. Boost Went to Hell!!!!??
  30. MS: Mega View?
  31. msd btm??
  32. how to control boost ?
  33. need help msd 6btm wiring
  34. Audi 2002 S4 Injector size??
  35. MSD Digital 6 Plus Disscusion (Retard Timing Device)
  36. Turbo with no Mass Air
  37. Anybody Know Any Info on this Injector???
  38. I'm runing two fuel pumps "in line" in my Turbo Se
  39. Injector list
  40. massive boost creep or lag?
  41. Bosch Diverter Valve/BOV?
  42. Aeromotive Digital FMU !!!
  43. Boost Controllers?
  44. s14 knock sensor
  45. Problem With Cartech FMU, and Couple Of Questions?
  46. What Fuel Setup Are You Guys Running?
  47. Intalled Deltagate wastegate, and Electronic Boost Controlle
  48. Has anyone used a SAFC controller on an E30? Can you?
  49. E30 325i fuel pump upgrade?
  50. m20 ignition system
  51. ignition/boost retard
  52. NEED megasquirt help!!!!
  53. Cutting off underboost problems!
  54. starting up megasquirt
  55. walbro fuel pump
  56. SMT6
  57. Pinging problem! Help!
  58. BEGI/Cartech FMU adjusting Question
  59. VOrtech fmu...link inside
  60. AEM Magnament?
  61. Apexi s-afc 2
  62. What about this GAs Mix Formula Tip? To run more Boost!
  63. Whos running a non Megasquirt system?
  64. Walbro 255- the best ??, inside the tank replacement, or
  65. CC. to LB/h and vice versa Convert Formula?
  66. Thinking in Add an Aux. Injector under Boost
  67. Wbo2 2bo
  68. Forget the 2b0 and PLX who has a lm-1?
  69. Electromotive HPV
  70. will these injectors work? link inside
  71. I GOT MY LM-1 IN TODAY!!!, now how about analog out
  72. Injectors
  73. Turbo low boost engine management
  74. no more overboost
  75. BOV Question...
  76. i have no idea what im doing..please help..smt6...
  77. Pre-assembled MS's on ebay?
  78. FMU questions
  79. Boost controllers
  80. Alternative to Toluene:"rocket Fuel" Xylene vs MT
  81. Megasquirt and MSD BTM questions help????
  82. injector resistance readings..
  83. injector sizing...why no bigger than 24 or 30?
  84. Managment?
  85. comprehensive megasquirt setup
  86. Check this out, ANother MAP ECU !
  87. meca BC vs. elec BC
  88. Split Second ARC2
  89. idle rough with 24# injectors?, any idea how to correct it?
  90. Our GameBoy Advance to tune our Turbo crapps! lol
  91. ljetronic....euro 83 320i
  92. On the fly boost adjustment
  93. megasquirt....
  94. and then there was spark...
  95. E85
  96. Megasquirt HELP...power wire
  97. injector questions.
  98. MicroTech MT 2 ECU
  99. Just bought a boost controller
  100. Help i need a wide band o2
  101. FMU and turbo stuff
  102. msd boost master
  103. Any one with knowledge with using TEC 3
  104. ok one more..... spark plug
  105. ignition cables
  106. big injectors
  107. Supra injectors?
  108. Fuel *Need a Lot of Help*
  109. Fuel Pressure Regulator
  110. what is a progressive fuel pressure regulator
  111. Maxmimal usable fuel pressure
  112. how to hook up a BOV
  113. SAFC II and 30lb Injectors? Cartech FMU/19lb?
  114. quick injector question
  115. Split Second
  116. fuel delivery questions
  117. Cold Start Valve Enrichment
  118. blow off valve questions
  119. Will these injectors work on my m20 b25 engine?
  120. SparkPlugs Fouled
  121. How good is a stock saab turbo blow off valve?
  122. Question for those with an FMU
  123. air fuel meter and fmu pic
  124. Switching TPS sensor effects?
  125. Megasquirt assembly and TPS questions
  126. tech3r standalone
  127. Some new pics of my turbo project with a bov now
  128. MS will work for a M50 & Turbo?
  129. SDS Wideband O2 sensor
  130. I have something for all you FMU haters!
  131. Got my adjustable BOV today heres a clip....
  132. return to the stock injectors??
  133. Got my MSD BTM @ Question $ Pics
  134. Strange boost control problem
  135. Megasquirt Maps
  136. BLow off Valve audio clips
  137. what bar is everyone running on a adjustable fuel regulator?
  138. change plugs when adding turbo?
  139. BOV placement.
  140. Greddy Type RS BOV
  141. Fuel injexctors for MS
  142. injector wiring
  143. Someone Needs to make a writeup on Megasquirt Installation
  144. Need Help finding a walboro 255
  145. Question about D'Sylva Turbo Chip
  146. Any New Spark Plug Ideas Out There?
  147. in car manual boost conrtoller
  148. Boost Controllers: Manual. VS Electric
  149. Fuel Cut and cornering
  150. tuning goodies
  151. How much hp or boost will 30lb injectors sapport?
  152. Installing the MS finally! Need download...
  153. Installed 57 Lb/h SRT-4 Chrysler Injectors @ pics
  154. MS with Keihin Injectors
  155. Which Dump valve to use...
  156. Used Injectors?
  157. delphi vs pintle injectors
  158. Show me your Adjustable FPR for Turbo e30's here!
  159. Can I use this BOV?
  160. XoXo parts bov?
  161. How boost controllers work..
  162. At how many bars should i set my fuel regulator?
  163. Megasquirt install
  164. Haltech e6x
  165. Is this a good fmu to use??
  166. colder plug questions
  167. What plugs do you use?
  168. BOV Flange
  169. Any one running a Cartech/Begi fpr????
  170. Megasquirt Coolant Temp Sensor + Other Sensors
  171. Wideband finally...
  172. Best/cheapest boost controler found?
  173. Possible to run 30lb injectors????
  174. Sound clip of "Type H (rfl)" ??
  175. funny turbo development, boost is not equal over the revs
  176. Where to buy a waboro 255 fuel pump and a feul pressure reg
  177. A/F Ratios
  178. 42lb Ford racing injectors are Low Imp. right?
  179. fuel injector question and FQS location
  180. Can i use this msd btm box??
  181. Running a m20 without the ecu
  182. Ignition map anyone ?
  183. walbro 255 mounted pics
  184. What does it take to control 24lb/hr injectors?
  185. FMU Ratio question
  186. EDIS
  187. manual boost controller diy / pic
  188. Help with Megasquirt on 90 325i 2.8 liter future turbo
  189. What are possible problems with colder plugs???
  190. Knock Sensor Kit?
  191. Installing my 24lb injectors
  192. I bought a msd btm box need help wiring....
  193. Adjusting richness and leanest on the M30AFM
  194. rev limiter
  195. ebay walbro fuel pumps?
  196. More boost when cold, less when warmed up?
  197. Is it ok to run a adjustable fpr and a fmu together?
  198. Fuel Pressure regulators, do you have the correct kind
  199. Megasquirt test question... Injector banks
  200. Blow off valve, wastegate???? whats am I doing???
  201. My timing table
  202. what size injectors in 320i??
  203. injectors+resistors= ok ?
  204. Who here knows alota about megasquirt / edis?!
  205. Which injectors?
  206. I might sell my car since i can't get the haltech installed
  207. stock injectors?
  208. Idea to help all those running megasquirt
  209. IAT Location? Heat Soak is the Concern
  210. fuel control
  211. 6a or no 6a what do you think
  212. fmu and what to run
  213. Where can I hook up a FMU? pics help
  214. Fuel Injectors
  215. Injectors again
  216. Just watched a nice Advise in Tips how to get good AFR's!
  217. Will these injectors work?
  218. Haltech E6X standalone ECU forsale!
  219. Injector controllers/Piggyback ECU
  220. Can megasquirt run with no O2 sensor?
  221. What BOV is this one?
  222. Ignition control
  223. TPS question, easy.
  224. MS Related [Fast Idle Solenoid]
  225. M20 turbo chip?
  226. Price drop, $1000 for Haltech, and 65lb injectors.
  227. Bi-fuel car, double trouble.
  228. turbo fuel pump
  229. Megasquirt info
  230. FMU w/ stock fuel pump??
  231. What do you thin about this fuel pump?
  232. 6AL ignition box MSD
  233. Link ECU + A couple of turbo questions
  234. Idle valve or not with turbo?
  235. rrfpr
  236. injectors !!!
  237. What Kind of Spark Plug WIRES do you guys use???
  238. question lambda sensor and ECU
  239. 24lb Injectors
  240. Low vs High Octane Fuels!
  241. Low boost; extra fuel needs?
  242. Megasquirt...where can I get one?
  243. Another squirted e30 :D
  244. FI: Fuel System Components, what are you running?
  245. "side gapping" spark plugs. :)
  246. 745i chip ?
  247. If i were to go megasquirt what would i need?
  248. I need to figure out why my car is boosting more then i want
  249. difference between piggyback and standalone !