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  1. Not Turbo but Super
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  5. Supercharging.
  6. supercharging
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  16. pics,parts,all you info and success
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  18. Now that theres a section for it, I want one
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  21. thought this might be of interest to anyone with a318
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  34. Im gonna do it!
  35. Nose rebuild
  36. Pipe time
  37. eaton Manifold adaptor on m20
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  45. So my car has a future i hope. I think i am going to try.
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  49. intake manifold adapter??
  50. 318is SC
  51. Crank pulley?
  52. Would a bigger crank pulley make more or less boost?
  53. supercharger intake manifold?
  54. Why the throttle body must be relocated on a roots.
  55. Flooding.
  56. who's supercharger is running?
  57. size fuel injectors...
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  81. am i crazy?
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  90. roots at low speed?
  91. new to supercharging, forced induction, etc.
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  94. How big exaust system do you need for a SC 500hp engine?
  95. Will it work?
  96. Eaton M90 questions
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  98. help on a pulley
  99. Lookin for a pulley
  100. gettting rid of my SC stuff
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  111. Considering SC
  112. anyone moved their alternator to ac position for an eaton build?
  113. grassroots PDF for DASC on E30 ?
  114. Max boost, stock cpu
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  116. Miles
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  118. Mods: please delete
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  141. flywheel weight with an M-90????
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  143. best perfer??
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  153. will this S/C work?
  154. anyone care to explain what a S/c does for efficiency/ part throttle performance?
  155. sc14 toyota s/c
  156. Lowen Design????
  157. just put her in
  158. getting close
  159. M42/Eaton M62 questions
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