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  1. First!
  2. how to fix bird s*** stains
  3. Please Delete
  4. AV3 kit, will be needing your input and help
  5. Anyone ever use the BMP Kit?
  6. What was your cost of a short bumper swap?
  7. Son Of A B!%$# - Sunroof Update
  8. Sent my car of for paint friday (now with pictures)
  9. Euro valence
  10. Painting tips
  11. New paint job
  12. beginners rust repair
  13. help with removing front DB bumper plastic surround
  14. paint matched rattle cans?
  15. Question on the Factory Seam Sealant
  16. DIY Car Painting
  17. bodyshop questions
  18. Aligning factory mtech 2 kit
  19. Front A Pillar repair
  20. Anyone ever hear of/ use a shrinking disk?
  21. e30 parts on CL?
  22. Fitting an M tec front bumper, need help!
  23. undercoating repair?
  24. installing IS side skirts
  25. my winter break re-paint thread *PICS UP*
  26. BMW738's 1990 E30 Restoration
  27. bumper tuck question
  28. Choosing a Rear Valence
  29. Sound deadening: FOAM?
  30. Powder Coating Machine/gun
  31. Since everyone is talking about rust...Now to paint stage
  32. Air Dam options
  33. Paint Label
  34. replacing body panels...
  35. Any cheap ideas that wont f it up to much?
  36. Question about Mtech Panel Fitment / Clips
  37. my e30 body restoration / paint thread
  38. Boser Hoods.
  39. Proper rust repair?
  40. Super SECRET Project PICS!
  41. Mystery leak?
  42. Odd measurement request (With pics!)
  43. new lip, refinished rockers/rear valance.
  44. little dents
  45. M-Tech 1 spoiler
  46. Plastic bumpers
  47. Inner door sill part number?
  48. Do euro & DB's share the shame harware?
  49. How in the #%$! do you get rear plastics off!?
  50. removing plastic rear bumper skin?
  51. Getting plastic bumpers on my 86?
  52. Plastic Bumper to European Chrome Bumper Conversion: Has it been done?
  53. RUST, or how deep in s**t am I? updates on pg. 3
  54. Some doosh hit & ran my rear quarter panel.
  55. Pic Request - Acc. Pedal Floor
  56. i hate body work, and im a nuube!
  57. Noob at paint/paint prep, help!
  58. Paint booth
  59. Best way to fix...
  60. Front and Rear Windscreen
  61. anyone else have this prblem!!!!
  62. BAD! stress crease
  63. One piece front valence fit 84 318i?
  64. Bodyshop in South Jersey for paint job?
  65. where to buy front fenders
  66. Body work estimate.
  67. windshields
  68. Fixing Rocker Panels
  69. Replacing Radiator Support Bar
  70. Robbin HOOD
  71. Water Troubles with 84 318i
  72. Rattling sunroof
  73. does left side = drivers side?
  74. Hood doesn't stay up
  75. What to do with the fusebox?
  76. Shaving the engine bay
  77. Original Mtech kit question
  78. Front valance replacement
  79. Body Color
  80. How to attach large aluminum window trim
  81. I guess this goes in bodywork...HELP!!!!!!11!
  82. Spray gun air compressor question
  83. Getting Undercoat off of Rocker?
  84. tucking bumper front and rear
  85. Bonnet gas ram location
  86. Rear clip
  87. 88 Is
  88. Thoughts on Molding front lip and brake ducts
  89. How do i remove the bumpers?
  90. just removed bumper moldings...
  91. tell me what you think...
  92. Replacing a door brake
  93. need help with trim clips - stat!
  94. fog lights in grill...
  95. how to get that plastic shit off a front valance
  96. windshield rubber too large!
  97. How do i Remove this?
  98. water leak in the cabin
  99. Convertible top
  100. Converting E30 powered convertible top to manual operation.
  101. single stage or clear
  102. need help removing front bumper
  103. Crease right behind C piller
  104. Crease right behind C piller
  105. Convertible boot cable
  106. primer? non-porous?
  107. Basic rubber repair
  108. 1984 325e metal to plastic conversion
  109. Front valance
  110. Is spoiler into 325e?
  111. Fender removal.
  112. How do i remove front quater panels
  113. another rust thread, the inside of my chassis rail is so purdy
  114. zinc chromate primer?
  115. Mtech1 installation
  116. Wondering about early E30 door lock mechanism?
  117. Help with door trim / moulding
  118. M-tech skirts onto 325e?
  119. 1987 325IC Replace top
  120. speaker magnet covered in rust on both sides
  121. Help! doors wont open!
  122. who knows fiberglass?
  123. 88 super eta plastic bumper conversion
  124. door clunk fix?
  125. what do you think of this body kit (heart-Ge)
  126. How to remove sunroof? help!
  127. Fitting some ABS sideskirts
  128. The Evolution of the 3.5
  129. anyone know he part number for this cover?
  130. good bodyshops?
  131. Do IX flares allow for wider tires?
  132. I need help quick!
  133. Replacement of fuel tank vent tube?
  134. rain drip molding
  135. So how do I remove my front plastic bumper...
  136. de textured valences?
  137. M-Tech 1 Tow Hook Extender
  138. windshield gasket removal for paint job?
  139. Early Euro bumpers on late U.S.?
  140. how do you remove this
  141. Convertible Strenghthening?
  142. Installing a boot lip spoiler
  143. Body kit restorations
  144. crease from inside front door
  145. how do i adjust my door?
  146. Zender fitment
  147. Rear spoiler
  148. Right rear side member
  149. Goofy window trim problem
  150. Fuel tank
  151. front bumper
  152. 2 door rocker panels repair / replacement
  153. Core Support Replacement with Pictures
  154. front fender clips, so many options...
  155. whats the name of the sticky stuff used around the taillight as a non perm gasket
  156. Will an 89-91 front valence fit with diving boards ?
  157. Best way to to fix a hole in the roof.
  158. How bad is it to cut otu part of the wheel well?
  159. Replacing rear valence
  160. water in rear footwells!
  161. can rear door brakes be used on the front?
  162. What Mirrors Are These?!
  163. Alpine White Color Matching
  164. Vert front fender different than non-vert?
  165. front of the e30
  166. Water in Trunk!! I'm not retarded...............am I?
  167. Damaged Bumper - What's My Best Option?
  168. Mystery interior leak
  169. Does anyone know how to adjust a manual sun roof?
  170. Damaged Front Panel and buffer....HELP??!?!
  171. rear valence is rusted out...
  172. Rust... is encapsulation better than nothing?
  173. Best way to take off the "roof" trim?
  174. my sunroof (manual crank) is creaking and
  175. Door Fitment Question...
  176. Fixmyrust.com rocker panels
  177. Who makes rust repair panels for behind rear wheels?
  178. Paint sourcing?
  179. Weldong on the chassis
  180. Got front fender flare?
  181. bonnet is lower on the left side
  182. Imperfections in Mtech 1 Spoiler
  183. Front Bumper Cover...
  184. Rear floor pan plug is separating
  185. Early model is valance on plastic bumper?
  186. need more tire clearance. what looks better?
  187. how to paint plastic bumpers and side moulding
  188. Water on the floorpans help!!
  189. RE: Painting Valance
  190. Livermore area sand/bead blaster?
  191. Front Valence texture?
  192. budget plastic bumper conversion
  193. Source for automotive paint?
  194. Dent Wizard anyone? Welder?
  195. My $20 junkyard score
  196. gas pedal bottom rust
  197. Recommendations for body work in Phoenix?
  198. fender question
  199. Trunk lid hinge separated from body... what to do
  200. stone chip touch up
  201. Body work Qs
  202. Fixing rust spots
  203. Rear Panel Replacement....?
  204. Which Sun Roof Seal Do I Need?
  205. I suck.. busted rear windshield on e30 hardtop
  206. Door Stay Connection
  207. painted bumper trim / side mouldings
  208. stripped the thread of csb mount hole :(
  209. More than one convertible top configuration
  210. IS Side Skirt Question
  211. what paint should i use for rear subframe
  212. HELP! - Breyton on DB's?
  213. Quick vert power vs manual top question
  214. Bumper Shock Question???
  215. Anyone used this complete paint system?
  216. Floor Jack Went Almost Through Floor !!
  217. Small rust hole near front left speaker!
  218. Cost of a full paint job?
  219. Weep Holes
  220. stupid me, I was in reverse with the door open when it hit something
  221. Vibration Damper in the trunk Question??
  222. E30 M3 Bodywork Conversion
  223. Hood release does not spring back into place, how do I fix it?
  224. Side Skirt Installation
  225. Painting front trim - help
  226. Coupe Door Issue
  227. Carpet or no Carpet?
  228. Fender capability question
  229. Whats my paint color?
  230. windshield lock strip too short??
  231. Sunroof seal sealant
  232. Rust Repair
  233. e30-Front smash...worth fixing.W/pics
  234. Under car spray to prevent rust?
  235. Rain Gutter removal
  236. Front spoiler removal
  237. Removing the boot lip
  238. spot welds on roof skin?
  239. center rear view mirror removing
  240. Frankenstein Plastic bumper swap
  241. BMW Factory Jerry Can
  242. HELP! Windshield Gasket
  243. rear defroster element
  244. Painting black strip across the bottom of my e30
  245. HELP! new Windshield gaskets
  246. Window guide rails
  247. norcal: windshield installer?
  248. DIY E30 : How to remove your MTech II kit
  249. Another piece on cowl under windshield gasket?
  250. AC Schnitzer body kit value?