View Full Version : Best cam for M20B25/M20B27 hybrid?

02-21-2007, 06:15 PM
First of all, Hello! I’m new to owning a BMW but have been around them since high school. I’ve always likes E30’s body style is the best in my opinion next to the E46. I’m not new to working on cars and have a 92 Integra GS-R that is my dedicated HPDE car. I know the Honda love around here is not quite as much as on Honda-Tech so I’ll leave it at that. I picked up a 1988 325e for my new daily driver. It has all the records and is in good shape. I’m doing the M20B25/M20B27 hybrid. Luckily I have the “super eta” that has many things the 325i’s had. Including the head casting being the same.

I read through www.stricktlyeta.com and it was a fabulous source of info when I was ordering the parts I need.

My questions are:

-What cam can I make the most streetable power with and still use the factory 325is dual valve springs?

-Do I need to get stronger retainers?

-How much can I or should I deck the head?

-Is port a mild port and polish worth it and also port matched intake mani. and TB?

-How crucial is getting bigger injectors if I have a FPR?